The Red Bow On The Letterbox And Dinosaurs In The Cupboard

Fiona Farren, Early Childhood Educator

Fiona is an Early Childhood Educator based in Bunbury. In 2006, she stepped into an educational adventure and it transformed her as a teacher. The family stories she has heard have taught her, changed her and have given her a privileged window into their lives. She will never be the same. Her journey into the lives of the families of her students opened her eyes and many times humbled her. Today she will share the lessons she has learned from families.

A Young Person With A Very Big Idea In A Very Small City

Bryce Lanigan, Big Picture Education Student

Bryce is a home-schooled Big Picture Education Student. Three years ago, Bryce had a vision to create a wheeled sports facility in the South West region. Today he tells the story of his journey to turn his vision into a reality, and how it has affected him and his education. He will also tell us what it is like to be a young person with a very big idea in a rather small city.

The Relevance Of Universities In Regional Australia Grows Stronger

Dr. David Rhodes, Senior Lecturer

Dr David Rhodes is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Regional Professional Studies at Edith Cowan University, in Western Australia. David will tell us why, even in the face of decreased funding and the possibility of higher fees, Australia’s regional universities are the key to breaking the inter-generational socioeconomic disadvantage that is becoming increasingly prevalent in communities outside our major capital cities.

Building A Sense Of Place Through Street Art

Andrew Frazer – Illustrator, Designer & Artist

Andrew Frazer is a full time illustrator, hand letterer, designer and artist who ignites the imagination through his thought provoking characters and narrative- based art. As the founder and Creative Director of Six Two Three Zero, Andrew has witnessed first hand how street art can transform not only the look of a town, but more importantly, the people living within it. Andrew will tell us how he uses street art as a catalyst for urban development and social change by bringing people together in conversation and creative inspiration. Andrew’s talk will not only be a treat for your ears, but for your eyes as well!

A World That Works For Everyone

Heather Simmons, Inclusion Facilitator & Champion

Heather has great ideas about how inclusion benefits everyone in Anytown, and how it can bring out the best in people. Heather begins by saying that “everyone is born in”…and what we’re born into is a common humanity. Heather is a passionate advocate for inclusion and her talk will challenge you to think about it in a whole new way.

From Powerless To Empowered (Literally)

Joeri Tuijn, Engineer & New Product Developer

With an engineering degree in mechatronics, Joeri can transform an idea into a concept, turn the concept into a prototype and turn the prototype into mass production. His ultimate goal is to take back some of the power that we have given away to the fossil fuel industry by building a miniature power plant for home use. Joeri will tell us how he literally aims to give the power back to the people!

Why Some Ideas Are Better Than Others

Hon. Dr. Sally Talbot, MLC

As a Member of Parliament and a philosopher, Sally is passionate about research and evidence, especially in the creation of public policy. She is dedicated to communicating ideas, and she challenges people to think about why some ideas are better than others. When helping to create public policy, Sally encourages people to look at what works in reality, rather than simply at what will be politically popular – with the ultimate aim of making ‘what works in reality’ politically popular.  No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, Sally’s talk will compel you to think differently about how you frame and present your ideas to others.