Meet the Team

Rebecca Cotton

Executive Producer & 2014 Host

As a freelance strategist and facilitator, Rebecca feels very fortunate to work in idea-rich environments, and with idea-filled people on a daily basis. Her work puts her in contact with some of our regions’ most interesting, curious and clever people, and she’s delighted that we have started to build our very own TEDx community. As a busy working mum, what Rebecca loves most about TED Talks is simply being able to sit quietly, to listen, to learn and then to have a good old think.

Susie Delaporte

Licensee, Curator & Organiser

Susie Delaporte is a Bunbury enthusiast, a lover of ideas and a woman of action. Therefore TEDxBunbury is the perfect fit!
When not organising TEDxBunbury Susie has the best job in the world as a coordinator for Enable Southwest, an organisation that supports people with disabilities. Susie thinks that the TEDxBunbury team is incredible and could probably conquer the world if they so desired (if they weren't such a friendly bunch).

Thor Farnworth

Event Manager

Thor manages the Sustainability and Integrated Land Use Planning department at the City of Bunbury and is a Captain in the Australian Army Reserve. As a town planner with a background in environmental science, he brings an ecological conscience to his practice. Thor looks forward to TEDxBunbury becoming a vehicle for people to communicate their evidence-based, intelligent and thoughtful ideas about how we can build better communities for everybody.

Aubrey Smith

Website & Online Designer

Aubrey has made a career out of hanging out in Café's with his laptop and imagination.
With a love of creating and technology he came across the great opportunity to work with the TEDxBunbury team.
Aubrey has his own business creating websites, 3d graphics and animation.

Nicola Smith

Community Partnerships

Nicky has worked in the not for profit sector for over 20 years and has experience working in youth work, women’s health, aged care and mental health. She is passionate about social justice, community engagement and inclusiveness, that is what sparked her interest in TEDxBunbury. She loves cats and has her own gluten free blog.

Abby Phillis


Abby ended up as the communications crew member because she wouldn’t stop talking long enough to be given another job. It seemed like a good fit. She’s got a diverse background in human services and thinks that greater compassion and empathy is key to social change.

Adam Taylor

Commercial Partnerships Manager

Adam moved to Bunbury in 2009 after spending the previous decade working in event marketing in London. Now a freelance marketer, he is passionate about formulating ideas that spread in the form of creative campaigns, hence his natural affinity with all things TED. Adam is excited about forming partnerships in association with TEDx Bunbury which will introduce the world of TED to the uninitiated…

Richard and Nicola Tagiston

Hardcopy Designers

Nicola and Richard shifted to Bunbury in 2012 following a 12 month overland excursion from Bangkok to Beijing - the long way round. An urban designer and not-for-profit manager by day, they have a passion for urbanism, travel and graphic design. TEDxBunbury for them is a chance to explore what makes and shapes a resilient, vibrant and equitable town. They originally hail from ‘Jafaland’ Auckland, New Zealand.